Ben Marino

Drummer | Percussionist | Educator | Producer


Thanks to today's technology, you can now get great sounding drum tracks delivered to your inbox while you stay at home in your pajamas. In my private studio, I can record drums and/or percussion for your next project via the internet.  If you can't be there in person, we can even interact via Skype to get the sound/results you need for your music.

"I love working with the artist to find the PERFECT part and drum sound for each song, which are then coupled with the best performance possible so that TOGETHER, WE CAN MAKE YOUR SONG SHINE!"

The Right Drum Part + The Right Drum Sound + The Right Performance = GREAT SUCCESS!


Vary depending on the project.  Email me for a quote, I'd love to work with you on your next project!

This includes:

  • Live Skype/Facetime video session while Ben is recording your song! (in which you can talk over parts, sounds, YOUR vision for the project)
  • OR an In-person recording (if you want to be in the room with Ben while he records)
  • Up to 12 multi-tracked microphones on the drums (including 3 room mics for a nice stereo image of the drum room).  Each track is clearly labeled so you'll have no problem importing them right into your session and knowing what they are.
  • 1 comp'd take of drum edits (edited by Ben)
  • More drum takes can be delivered (upon request).
  • 1 Round of Revisions: Ben will send you an mp3 file of your song with his drums recorded on top of it for you to listen back, usually within 24 hours of recording!  If you wish to make any changes, the 1st round of notes is included in the initial price.  Any additional rounds of notes will be discussed and a price may be agreed upon.


All drums heard on this playlist have been recorded, engineered, and performed by Ben at Ben's private studio, BM Studios, located in Northern New Jersey.



Pro Tools 11

Universal Audio Apollo Duo Interface (with Neve 1078, 88RS, + UA Pre-amp Unison Technology)

Behringer ADA8200


Aphex 109

Mic Setup: 

(I can accommodate whatever the engineer/artist wants in terms of setup with the following mics, but this is my go-to setup)

Kick In: AKG D112 

Kick Out: Homemade subkick 

Snare Top: Shure SM57 

Snare Bottom: Shure SM57 

Toms: Senheiser e604 

Hihat: Shure SM78

Overheads Stereo: AKG C451B (2)

Room Mics (Wide Stereo L/R Configuration): AKG C414 (2)

Room Mic Far (Mono): Avantone CV-12

Drum Kits:

Dark Horse Percussion 5 piece Kit - Maple - 20x18 kick, 10x7 tom, 12x8 tom, 14x14 tom

Yamaha Recording Custom Kit - Birch - 20x14 kick, 16x16 floor tom

Vintage Ludwig - maple - 24x14 kick

Snare Drums:

13x6 Dark Horse Percussion Maple

14x5.5 1980's Ludwig Supraphonic

14x5 1970's Ludwig Acrolite

14x5 1990's Ludwig Acrolite

14x7 Pork Pie Big Black Brass

13x6.5 Yamaha Musashi Oak with Wood or Metal Hoops

14x3.5 Mapex Black Panther Hammered Steel

14x7 Custom Made Maple

10x4 Yamaha Soprano Maple

14x5 Magro Custom Drums Mahogany


Large variety of cymbals to choose from, appropriate for any style of music.  Name brands: Zildjian, Sabian, Istanbul Agop, Istanbul Mehmet, AA Meinl